Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BlendBee Your Tea Customized Your Way!


Personal, Customized Tea?!?!  Yes, Please!

As a former subscription box addict, I love finding the best monthly services that fit my family and lifestyle the best.  Currently, I pick and choose what are the best monthly subscription boxes that are more practical.  Unlike the millions of beauty boxes I used to subscribe to, I found a company that I am completely addicted to, especially because I LOVE tea!  It is all due to "Subaholic Reviews," on YouTube, Subaholic's Review On BlendBee. 

I am a complete insomniac, so after that review, I just had to check out this company as well.   So I went to their website at https://blendbee.com, and browsed around.  Their site is extremely self explanatory, as well as fun at the same time.  There's a section that you can create your own tea from scratch!  You get to choose up to eight ingredients, you can even choose the tea base, or can go all herbal.  Lastly, the best part....you get the opportunity to personalize the tea's name or title and the tea description.  I usually print, "Christina's Tea Only," or "For Stress," etc.

Not only is the customer service impeccable, they have assisted me a few times to perfect my tea just right.  Is it obvious I do not know how to make my own tea?  I even contacted them to see if they had a particular tea for severe arthritis for my mother.  They responded quickly via email, and stated they have a special blend.  I stated, I do not care how much it is, please let me buy it!  FYI, their prices range from a sample bag of 5 cups for $2.50, a 1/4pd bag of 37 cups for $14.99, and a 1/2 pound bag of 75 cups for only $24.99.  

My new addiction is to their "Nightea Night" tea.  Each tea is labeled with their ingredients, as well as a whole list of benefits that the tea provides.  BlendBee created something especially for my mom that assisted her greatly!  They have also assisted me with my insomnia!  Although, do not just take my word for it, you have to try them as well!   BlendBee

If you can not decide, I highly suggest their monthly tea club!  On the first of every month you receive two 3 oz. bags that equal out to be 56 cups for only $18.00 a month.  Check them out here:

Thank you to BlendBee for all the great service the past several months, and wishing you more success for all future days to come!




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